by Vision the Kid & Tru

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The fourth release from Vision the Kid and Tru on Be Easy in the last 18 months (previously The Comedown EP, Lost Summer and You Ain't Getting Laid Dressed Like That EP) BrokenRadioLove draws the listener in with Vision's blues/pop melodies reaching a new prominence over Ryan "Tru" Truax's dynamic, expansive production. BrokenRadioLove is perhaps Vision the Kid's most listener-friendly project, in a good way; his bouncy, rhythmic cadence flows in and out of the soul-funk-pop landscape laid down by Tru while speaking on subjects of lost friends, summer-in-the-city and dancing your way through heartbreak. BrokenRadioLove is sure to further Vision and Tru's reputation as creators of smart, catchy, head-nodding hip hop.


released October 27, 2012

All music written and performed by Ryan "Tru" Truax and Jordan "Vision the Kid" Sandvig



all rights reserved


Vision the Kid Minneapolis, Minnesota

Milwaukee-born, Minneapolis-based rapper Vision the Kid was voted Best Local Rapper in a poll by Minneapolis publication Vitamn in 2013. Collaborating with producer Ryan "Tru" Truax, they've crafted a sound that pays homage to the conscious underground style that Midwestern hip-hop is known for, while making a concerted effort to bring people out to the dance floor. ... more

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Track Name: Welcome to the Real
Verse 1

Wake up, wake up
Midwest Sun/ Sticks to the humidity in my little apartment in the middle of the city/ filling up a phillie, switch it to a swisher/ antennae fuzzy get up to adjust picture
Flies buzzing cuz I didn’t do my dishes/ cuz I don’t got time cuz I’m always bout my business/ every other day I’m on something different/ this day in particular, very different
As I head out the door/ to the corner store/ could a swore/ somebody was rapping “do you want more?”/ as if in encore/ all the winos and esses at the SA freaking out bout the heatwave
Asking me for change, I’m just trying to change my ways/ get a scratch-off a six pack and be on my way/ but as soon as I enter AC/ I’m looking round the room for who trying to play me
Solo gringo so I keep it quite/ but I’m quick with the one-two stance if anybody try it/ I don’t know, it’s just the way I was raised/ slap-boxing on the bus in my Mil town ways


Welcome to the Real/ where the streetlights flickering/ they upstairs bickering/ nobody gets no sleep in the (Welcome to the) Real
The recession ain’t stopping/ that ain’t champagne popping/ man we running out of options in the (welcome to the) Real
In my city where the lights go off/ where you’re right if you’re right or wrong/ where they don’t walk here if they ain’t from here, I welcome you to the real

Verse 2

I step out of my house/ shake my head wondering what the fuss is about
Sirens been blaring since 830/ looks like somebody shot a flare gun/ it caught him in the temple/ now mama’s there with some people from the temple/ rent a cop tapes the scene up/ justice is nowhere to be seen/ clouds rolling in it’s 11:33
I stumble down the block for two-for-one’s/ On my way getting stopped through a group of nuns/ the oldest/ grabs me on the shoulder saying you’re the one/ I said I’ve never been a shooter I don’t even own a gun
She said the way your living’s giving god the shoulder shrug/ I said, I know, I’ve seen the things he’s done/ I’d have to be insane to trust him with my loved ones/ she heard that and looked stunned/ bummed a cig
We came to an agreement/ be about it if you believe it/ if not keep reading/ I handed the bouncer my ID he didn’t need it/ he done seen me round the way/ back in the day/ VTK


Verse 3/Bridge

At night
When the city is too hot to sleep/ And the breeze barely breathes/ a hum lies between the tracks and the smokestacks/ the highways and hi-rises
And everywhere, electricity is on the surface of things
A pulsating current, subtle as salt/ stirring up the restless in the night/ a reverberation of lives lived/ unspoken lives that even in death hardly whisper
As rooftops serve as reminders why man gets tired trying to climb the sky/ a languish, swoll in the belly of the breeze, whispers to lonely mothers that sirens are the devils reminders
And that all is not well tonight, when everywhere, electricity is on the surface of things

Track Name: Lift Off ft. Medium Zach (Big Quarters)
Bang this one out your speaker/ Larry pass me the liter/ I’m hotter than a stolen heater/ someone find my beater
Good, got it, now I go/ out the window with flows/ down the fire escape/ call him, call him Dire Straits
First single, MTV/ dot com, don’t envy me/ we get bigger by day, we get higher by night/ Tru beats em with the beats until they’re too tired to fight/ catch me on my two jobs like I’m Gombers, I’m grinding for life
Dreams and Dreams
That’s what I live by
Dreams and Dreams
That’s what I die for/ yall bight, incisor
I’m on my 5,4/ 3,2,1 better lift off/ better watch be easy when we get off
I tip toe on to the beat, I creep like the bass in the background/ after all of these years, all of these fears, look where I’m at now/ I hurt em bad, Friday night, call it Smackdown/ Bam Bam on the beat, bigelow the track down/ think you know my raps now?/ come back in a half a year/ when I ran a few miles with a new style and the same pabst beer/ this is real life, no test son, no pap smear/ motherfuck a visine, my Vision’s that clear
Big Quarters, Be Easy/ catch this free cd/ can’t beat these prices/ my smoke weed rises/ thru the canopy of my city/ the jungle keeps me humble/ reminds me everytime that I stumble
To get it in/ to get it in my homie/ to get it in girlfriend/ to get it in/ they seeing me at the bar, they asking me where I been/ I’m chilling with Medium/ I’m doing Vision the Kid
Dreams and Dreams
That’s what I live by
Dreams and Dreams
That’s what I die for
I’m on my my my my 5,4/ 3,2,1 better lift off…
Broke the back of the beat down to lift me up/ I’m on top of the mushroom cloud with nunchucks/ I’m Chuck Berry meets Chuck Norris I upchuck/ words like sorority birds on too much wood chuck/ like you should shut the fuck up/ like you ever created something/ don’t talk to me about music/ I couldn’t not do this/ that’s something you won’t understand/ like giving birth if you a motherfucking man

Medium Zach: Snap back on command stand up comedian/ kicking back different hat different medium/Similac feeding em/ easy son, not your dad but I got the spot to crash if your needing one/ just jokes bus home can’t visit or come close/down couple rum Cokes try kick it and stub toes/ unload junk clothes can't fit ‘em I jump rope/ cutthroat cups full optimistic I must know/ trunk full/ bump knucks with the front row/ Noam the Drummer, me and my brother put on a fun show/ plus, rocking our version of the cold crush/ gold rush look more like a dust bowl so/ hard to find, on my grind like I lost my mind/ pour the coffee before I pour the Bacardi lime/ I’m 28 but I party like I’m 29/ what's on the cake besides the frosting and the dotted line?/ my name in cursive so I blow ‘em out and make a wish/ paid commission percentages for lacing kicks/ plane is lifting few sedatives I'm taking trips/ making kids without making kids, be patient/ never hallucinated/ the thought I entertained it/ already too often sleep walking wearing shoes and naked/ wakin’ in my basement/ whole time it was taping?/ make sure I click save so you can play it

Dreams and dreams/ that’s what I live by/ dreams and dreams/ that’s what I die for
Track Name: The Beat Goes On ft. Freez (Illuminous 3)
The Beat Goes On You’re damn right it do
The Beat Goes On All night it do
The Beat Goes On I write right thru

Like I got holes in my bows, I roll up the sleeves/ I should get a new shirt but I’m way too cheap/ I’m in way too deep/ to turn back now and not get burned/ everything I have earned/ Up in this game, no waiting your turn/ understand like the CERN/ I bring weight to the matter/ next up batter/ be flattered I shattered your dreams/ still on the saddle did battle with kings/ one who’s scattered at the seems/ last scene of Taxi Driver that’s me

The Beat Goes On Despite my dreams
The Beat Goes On what I think I need
The Beat Goes On when I pass it to Freeze

Freez: Stay in your lane/ ‘for I take all your fame/ got your dame in my waste giving brain like Krane/ page after page been proclaimed as a great/ got a cup full of Henny and a plate full of steak/ no pork on the fork or the spoon order my food/ full course and my dude you just a portion or two/ slaughtering who?/ not me with an army of goons/ and a Navy full of ladies in that water it’s true/ I’m from the underground where other sounds welcome to come around/ blaze two Ls a cool J and we shut ‘em down/ on any given Sunday, n*gga it’s gun play/ got the game sowed tied up like
a scrunchay/ the sensai never give a fuck what a sun say/ bottles for the models and these bitches don’t run way/ shatter on the heads of the rappers you dead/ grabbing my head full of threads hoes happy to dread/ and twist up with my fist up sip from a pimp cup/ Timbuktu got the tomb pyramided up/ pharaoh and the sparrow break walls down like Jericho/ steady navigating even though we know where to go/

The beat goes on/ and it don't stop/ the beat goes on/ and it’s so hot/ the beat goes on/ let the flow drop yo Akh let ‘em know no matter what/ the beat goes on

Vision the Kid: your lacking bravado/ I’m cracking your bottles/ I’m at the door with a fucking Clamato/ like fuck tomorrow/ that’s the motto/ every time I’m back in my home town/ that’s just the way that it seems to go down/ the 414 formed my sound/ for that, daps and pounds/ love where you’re from but live in the now
Track Name: Make Me Scream

Love don’t do what you want it to/ Love only does what It needs/ Last time I went down on love she left me there on my knees/ singing O-I-O-I-A


The year was 96/ she was the kind of chick/ hanging with them b-boys Adidas kicks with the fits/ I was in the back of class/ probably made her laugh/ a couple times/ didn’t know my name or even that I rhymed
I was into grunge/ she was into Pac/ think it was Big Pun/ the way I crushed a lot/ had a few moves too shy to dance at the dance/ who knew after middle school I’d have another chance
12 years later upgraded to some newer shoes/ from the 414, to the 612/ the last thing I’d think she would do it too/ that night at the bar feeling quite invincible
All a sudden a vision in Vision’s peripheral/ struck him like a lightning bolt, impressive visuals/ of course it was her/ sent from the moon/ I played it cool but inside I was Looney Tunes


Girl I swear you’re made up of/ everything I need
I can tell by the way you walk away you got the love that’ll make me scream
O-I-O-I-O-I/ O-I-O-I-A
You make me scream
O-I-O-I-O-I/ O-I-O-I-A

Verse 2

Trading numbers/ turned to trading secrets under covers/ turning into what was turning into a hell of a summer/ I was psyched, told my friend’s she’s different than the others/ pretty soon, who knew she’d pull the rug up under
Maybe I went too fast/ maybe it’d never last/ anyway she hit the brakes soon as I hit the gas/ I still hear the crash/ the scream and breaking glass/ they saying let the past be the past/ they don’t know the half
They don’t know the half/ rolling blunts with the hash/ vodka with the half & half/ pill box in the stash/ I seen the keys that the gatekeeper
keeps/ how the fuck you think I go to sleep?


Verse 3

She probably hear this thinking/ what the hell is he thinking?/ he don’t know I’m thinking when he’s out there drinking/ he don’t know that the he before him cheated on me, treated me well/ than deleted me, hell/ then came back on his knees like he needed me/ played with my heart on some bullshit an thievery
How the night we re-meeted/ those feelings retreated/ how I tried so hard, but couldn’t outrun my demons
And that night with my dad had to call my moms/ Couldn’t show you half the things that was going on/
I love what we had/ I know what we didn’t/ Sometimes the timings right, s-sometimes it isn’t
I hope you like the life you’re leading/ know you were one of my most colorful seasons/ I think of you whenever you on the playlist/ kinda disappointed all you think of me to say is…

Track Name: Red Light
Chillin at a red, a red light x2

who shot jfk?
a pawn don't move upon it's own you know ok?
do you understand it where the planets hang in the balance?
can you hear the patterns as they happen?
do you know why I'm good at rapping?
cuz i roll tight, lay low in the backstreet lights
50/50s and kickflips, the feelings of flight
feeling like
you would win in a fight
of your young, fun life
as the sun down over the land dusk demands
that I stand still still dodge anvils with my hands
pain pills and advils
dope beats and mad skills
when that bike swerved our life swerved right to a stand still
right to a stand still
when that bike swerved our life swerved to a stand still
but here we stand still
even though sometimes it feel like we still

chilling at a red light a red light and sometimes I wonder if it's ever gon' change
chilling at a red light a red light your gone so long and it seems so strange
chilling at a red light
and they say all it takes is time for these things to pass
so shorty roll the weed while i hit the gas

It's 3 am for god sake's Mary save my soul
I'm medicated for the road
I'm medicated for the road

(interlude: the story of No Apologies After 9pm)

verse 2
Unbuckle I'm fucked
fuck, I drunk too much
puff puff pass
as luck would have it
i'm stuck in the past
all alone in the back of this fucking cab
driving to my side of town
we used to split this, riding around
looking for some shit to go down
you called me brother
last time i dropped you off
SPC, best believe we won't knock it off
no matter how old we get carry it in our spirit
i still feel it when the lyrics going off at the tongue
when i'm getting off like an officer's son
or looking off in the distance
often the sunshine is blinding but I'm showing resistance
something like you would've insisted
i'm so mad i didn't notice til I missed it
that your presence here really was gifted

chilling at a red light a red light and sometimes I wonder if it's ever gon' change
chilling at a red light a red light your gone so long and it seems so strange
chilling at a red light
and they say all it takes is time for these things to pass
so shorty roll the weed while i hit the gas